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Dakkapel serre

Type of dormers
  • Traditional dormer
  • Full glass dormer
  • Flexible balcony in combination with a dormer (Velux)


For more living in your attic and to create natural light source, we can place various dormers in the desired sizes and types which you prefer. A dormer increases the value of the house. Thanks to our 40 years’ experience, we are the constructor in the region The Hague to do all roofing activities. Permit The dormers have to meet the restrictions of the “Building law and regulations” (Bouwwet- en regelgeving). Dormers which are smaller than 0.50 meters do not need an licence. Except if your house is located in an area with “city view”. For more information about this topic, you can contact the government. We can arrange the construction drawings and the licence.